For those who want to support us

Background to the foundation

What is iGi?

Japan’s first incubation program for indie games.
It has been running since 2021 as a non-profit initiative of Marvelous’ industry-academia-government collaboration, which aims to build a creator-first ecosystem.
The program provides support not only for the completion of games, but also for a wide range of other areas such as distribution and promotion

Why support indie game development?

The indie game industry has experienced explosive growth since 2014, mainly on the PC game distribution platform Steam, and the number of indie games released continues to increase.
However, Japanese indie game developers face the following challenges

Isolated indie game creators

Lack of connections within the industry and a lack of people to talk to, making it easy to become isolated.

Little public support

Unlike other countries, there are no public institutions in Japan to support indie game creators, so creators have to do everything from development to release themselves.

Lack of know-how on “publishing indie games”

Game development itself can be done, but “releasing a work” requires a different kind of know-how.

iGi aims to solve these problems.

History of iGi

Year of foundation2021
Number of mentorsover 25
Number of sponsoring companies13 companies and 2 organizations
Network of publishersmore than 80 companies
Exhibitions at national eventsBitSummit, Tokyo Game Show, etc.

iGi activities

Support provided by iGi

The program offers five main types of support to indie game developers.
Not just game development, but how to get people to play the games they have spent so much time making. How to get media coverage? We offer support from a variety of perspectives, including

Development expertise

Support for the development expertise needed to complete the game, including knowledge of game development itself and progress management, including team members.

Human network

After an interview with iGi and a screening process, the most appropriate mentor will be matched to your needs, challenges and team.

Participation in events

Participate as an iGi in major game events such as Tokyo Game Show and BitSummit.

Organization of Demo days

Pre-recorded pitches (presentation materials for selling the game) are shown at Demo Day, a presentation event to which mainly domestic and international publishers are invited. Question and answer sessions are also held.

Marketing know-how

Business know-how support, such as SNS operation methods and game sales and marketing methods.

iGi’s ultimate goal

The main goal of iGi is to bring the great works of indie game creators to the world.

Schedule for the 4th Phase

Late Feb toEarly MarchDocument review
Mid to Late MarchInterviews
Late MarchParticipating teams confirmed, audits
Mid-AprilAnnouncement of participating teams


For those who are considering supporting the project

For companies

We received support from 12 companies and 2 organizations in the first phase , 13 companies and 2 organizations in the second phase,
and 16 companies and 2 orgnizations in the third phase.
iGi is looking for companies that support the aims of our incubation program and are willing to provide support in various areas such as marketing and mentoring for participating teams.

For educational institutions

We are looking for educational institutions that agree with the aims of our incubation program and can support our activities as a place of study to develop students who will go on to become global leaders, such as long-term internships and study groups.
In the second phase, Kobe Electronics College joined the program and held events in Kobe.

For local authorities

Under the motto “Creators First”, we are actively working to create an ecosystem for Japanese indie game creators to operate in the global market.
In the first phase from June to November 2021, the first six months of our cooperation plan with local governments, we have received support from Kobe City and are currently planning measures for indie game creators to work in Kobe City.
iGi will establish close cooperation with local governments across Japan and actively promote the creation of local communities to enable indie game creators to work in different regions.

Collaboration projects that can be proposed

Through public lectures and workshops by iGi mentors, we will make proposals tailored to the problems faced by local governments, based on the creation of communities for local indie game creators to interact with each other.
The following is an example.

  • Working together to create a system for the development of global digital creative human resources with a focus on indie game creators and the creation of jobs for young people.
  • Repurposing vacant houses and other underused spaces as facilities for creators.
  • Bridging the gap between local communities in the field of indie games.
  • Promote international exchange with a focus on interaction with indie game creators in overseas sister and partner citie

Requirements for local authorities

  • Municipalities that support and cooperate in building a sustainable creator-first ecosystem.
  • Both regional and grassroots communities are welcome to participate.

Local authorities with experience in implementing projects related to games and creativity, such as e-sports, animation and manga, are welcome.

How to apply

Interested parties should contact the iGi Management Office(