What is iGi

What the iGi program offers

Training from development and business experts

  • Mentor-led lectures on topics such as development techniques, production management and sales marketing.
  • Varied lectures on graphics enhancement techniques, localisation-friendly workflows, negotiating with publishers, etc.
  • Training on game engines and development tools to improve quality and production efficiency.
  • Training on how to explain the appeal of games in English.

Support to refresh your work

  • Progress management through weekly production reports for 6 months.
  • 1-on-1 online consultation sessions with a mentor, depending on what the team is struggling with.

Exposure and growth opportunities

  • Demo days for publishers and others, with presentations in English and distribution of demos.
  • Mentor support for networking with the games industry and media.
  • Co-exhibiting at games exhibitions in Japan.
  • Providing information on games events worldwide.
  • Providing ongoing opportunities for media exposure.

The ultimate goal of this program is to enable participants to acquire more advanced development skills, improve production efficiency and make presentations in English.

Organiser and Operator

Marvelous Inc.


Marvelous Inc. is a general entertainment company that develops a wide variety of content both domestically and internationally.
An entertainment company that brings ‘surprise’ and ‘excitement’ to the world in the areas of gaming (online, home video, entertainment), music, video and stage.

Ludimus Inc.


A group of specialists in games, animation, manga and other content.
Mainly involved in consulting, matching and research for overseas expansion of various content businesses.

Head-High Co., Ltd. 


A company that conducts developer relations activities for game development tools and services.
Its representative, Takaaki Ichijo, is an indie game creator who has developed titles such as Back in 1995 and Demolition Robots K.K