For Developer

Hone your work with a wide range of support including sessions, mentoring and talks.

Development and business support

In addition to game engine / tool training and technical lectures, you will receive a wide range of practical support, such as negotiating techniques with publishers and creating presentation materials.

Rights remain with the team

Support from this program does not require you to hand over your rights to iGi or the organizers, Marvelous. The team retains all rights to the work and is free to negotiate with any publisher. Self-publishing is also possible.

Completely free

Participation is completely free.
In addition, teams will receive 300,000 yen to cover preparation costs and transportation costs for big events, as well as a participation prize of 300,000 yen for teams that achieve a predefined development goal.

Strong backup for the team
from both development and business perspectives.

Brush up on your work

  • Progress management through weekly production reports
  • 1-on-1 online consultations with mentors

Networking support

  • Mentoring to help build community and industry relationships
  • Interaction with other teams through overseas incubation programs

Provide exposure opportunities

  • Demo days for publishers and investors
  • Joint participation in national exhibition events
  • Ongoing promotion to national and international media
  • Information exchange on international exhibition events

Requirements for teams

  • Core members over the age of 18, Japanese speakers living in Japan
  • Demo or vertical slice (demo game with key parts confirmed) must work (just a proposal is not acceptable)
  • Must not have a contract with a publisher (negotiations are acceptable)
  • Must be available for 4 hours of training per week
  • English language skills are not required (although there will be English presentation training as part of the program (can read a campaign)).
  • Able to attend mentoring and training sessions for 6 months.


If I use the program, do I have to change the game as instructed?

No, you do not.
The program is designed to support the work and the team, so there is no direct influence on the content.

Do I have to finish the game during the program?

No, you do not have to finish the game.
You will work towards a level of production that will allow you to pitch your game to publishers and investors.

Will you publish my game?

No, this program is not for publishing purposes.

Will you provide help with designers, programmers, translators, etc?

No, we do not provide direct human resources.

How much time will I have to invest?

About 4 hours per week.

Do I have to take part in the program?

No, participation is voluntary.
The program is not a school, so attendance at individual sessions is not compulsory.

Can the program be used in conjunction with other projects or competitions that support creators?

Yes, this is possible.
As mentioned above, this is not a funded program, so you can actively apply for other programs and competitions that will help your development.
The secretariat will also assist participating teams in applying for international competitions.

Is there anything I need to provide (fees, rights, etc.) to participate in the program?

No, there are none.
However, you will be granted preferential negotiating rights for the development or publication of your title with the organizer of the program, Marvelous Inc. However, priority negotiation rights do not guarantee publication by Marvelous Inc. and the final decision on individual contracts is left to the creators.

Can I submit more than one game?

Yes, you can.