iGi is the incubation program
specialized in indie games in Japan.

Development Funding

We offer financial aid to our teams to develop their vertical slice.
Conditions: finances will be allocated towards the accepted project’s development.
IP, stocks and all other rights remain with the creator.
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Support growth of teams

Mentors support indie game developers both from the development and business side.

Free of charge

Participation is free of charge. We select five teams for each batch.
We prepare for grants for teams finishing our program.

No acquisition of rights

You don’t need to give rights of your title to Marvelous.
You hold all of the rights related to your title.

Networking with stakeholders

We help you build relationships with media, publishers and indie game developers inside and outside Japan.

Presentation in English

In the end of the program, participating teams have an opportunity to pitch to publishers and investors in English. We help you make English resources and communicate with international stakeholders. (Our program doesn’t directly support localization of titles)

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