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What the program offers

Support from game development veterans and business experts.


Mentors will hold lectures on the technical aspects of making a game, production management, and business aspects.

We will provide lectures on various topics such as techniques on how to improve the visual aspects of the title, what a localization-friendly workflow looks like as well as negotiation points with publishers, to name a few.

Training Sessions

Experts will train teams in game engines and game development tools.
We aim to improve the quality of the game titles and improve the efficiency of the teams.

Refinement of titles

Progress management through weekly production reports

The 5 participating teams will be supported on game development for 6 months.

The game title does not have to be completed during the program, but we will provide feedback and support on points that need improvement.

1-on-1 Consultation

We will set up online meetings with mentors in order to solve problems developers face. We can offer advice on game production, legal support and marketing strategies.

Training of pitch to domestic and foreign publishers and investors

The goal of the program is to do a pitch in English to attract the attention from publishers and investors. The candidate is not required to be fluent in English, but will be asked to do a presentation in English at the end of the program. By doing so the candidate will be conveying the appeal of the game to all possible partners both domestically and internationally by themselves.

Ever Expanding Network

Through mentors, we will serve as a hub for stakeholders in the game industry.

We will also interact with the team through incubation programs in other countries.

Demo Day

On the final day of the program, we will hold a demo day for publishers and investors. We will ask the developers to hold a pitch in English, distribute trial versions, and negotiate. Several media companies will also be invited to increase the visibility of the participants.

Exposure and Growth Opportunities

We will organize joint exhibitions (online/offline) at game shows around the world. Specific events will be announced later.

Domestic and Foreign Media Exposure

We will provide teams with media exposure in various news outlets in Japan and abroad by presenting the teams and the titles that they are working on.

Alumni Activities

Even though the mentoring sessions will come to an end once the program finishes in late 2021, the alumni are strongly advised and expected to utilize and keep growing the network cultivated during the program.

Team Requirements

  • The core members are 18 years or older, Japanese speakers and residents.
  • Playable portion of the game or demo (games in pre-production phase will be disqualified)
  • No existing contract with a publisher (pending contracts will be accepted)
  • Participating in weekly online sessions totaling at around 4 hours.
  • No English proficiency required (we will have training program for presentation in English)
  • Being able to participate in mentoring and training sessions for a period of 6 months.


If I enroll in the program, do I have to change the content of the game as instructed?
No, you are not obliged to do so. iGi is a program that strives to provide support and advice for developers. There is no direct interference with the game content.
Do I have to complete the game during the program period?
No, it doesn't have to be completed. We will aim for a level where you can present to publishers and investors.
Will you publish the game?
No, this program is not intended for publishing purposes.
Do you have any financial supports for development?
This program connects publishers and investors who are considering providing development funds, so there is no direct funding (incentives are available for teams that have completed the program).
Can you support designers, programmers, translators, etc.?
The program does not provide the developers with human resources.
How much time do I need to allocate for the program?
The program will require the participants to commit about 4 hours per week.
Do I have to participate in all activities included in the program?
Participation in individual sessions is not enforceable, but we do expect the participants to be engaged in various activities.
Can the developer participate in other support projects and contests during the program?
Yes. As mentioned above, the developers will not receive direct funding, so we encourage the developers to actively apply for other programs and contests. We will also provide support for overseas contest applications for participating teams when needed.
Do I need to provide anything (costs, rights, etc.) to enroll?
Beyond active engagement, the participants are not expected to provide anything. However, Marvelous Inc., the organizer of this program, will be granted right of first refusal regarding title development or publishing. However, the final decision is left to the creators.
Is it possible to apply to the program with multiple games?

Operated by

Marvelous Inc.

Multi-entertainment company.

Delivering “Wonder” and “Excitement” to the world in games (online/consumer), audio & visual and live entertainment.


LUDiMUS Inc. is a group of specialists in content industries like game, animation and comic, consulting, matching and researching for their international expansion.

Head-High Co., Ltd.

Head-High Co., Ltd. is a company that operates in development relations of tools and services for game developers. Also, Takaaki Ichijo, the CEO of the company, is an indie game developer of “Back in 1995” and “Demolition Robots K.K.”.

iGi has partnered with GameBCN, a Spanish indie game incubator that is in its sixth cycle and has alumnized hit titles such as "Aragami" and "Etherborn".