Development Grant (iGi 2nd edition)

For the second edition of iGi, we are providing financial support to the participating teams (voluntary).

In the first edition, iGi, with the help of its mentors, provided extensive and detailed support to five Japanese indie game developer teams for a total of more than 400 hours over a period of six months in terms of development and business. In the process, we recognized that Japanese indie game creators need a wide variety of support to continue developing, and that we need to provide more detailed support tailored to their individual issues and challenges.

Starting from the second edition we are providing financial support to the teams in addition to the high-quality curriculum that was created for the first edition. The goal is to help game developers and teams that are creating high-potential games to scale their team and help them seize greater opportunities and increase their chance at succeeding.

Bearing the “creators first” motto in mind, iGi will expand opportunities for Japanese indie game developers to spread their wings to the world and contribute to the healthy development of the game industry.

We are looking forward to receiving applications from creators who want to further improve their games even further.

The core members of the development team need to be 18 years or older, Japanese speakers and residents.

Eligibility for Development Grant
Amount of Funds provided
Terms and conditions for receiving the development grant
How to apply